Allowable Leave
Descriptions of types of leave available to full-time, contracted employees are below and can be found in Board Policy.
**Immediate family = spouse, children, siblings, parents, grandparents, grandchildren and in-law equivalent
  • Sick Leave - the absence from duty of the employee due to illness or injury to him/herself for illness or injury or death of immediate family member.
  • Sick Leave Bank 
  • Sick Leave Personal (LIMIT 1 DAY) - one sick leave day may be used as a personal day.  No more than one day may be used.
  • Bereavement - 3 days allowed an may be used at the time of death of an immediate family member.
  • Personal Free Day* - each employee having 25 days or more cumulative sick leave at the beginning of the fiscal year shall be entitled to one day personal leave per year.  This day will be allowed at full pay and will not be deducted from sick leave.  The day may not be taken immediately prior to nor following a scheduled holiday without permission of the superintendent.
  • Earned Personal* (LIMIT 3 DAYS) - each employee is entitled to three days of personal leave with prior approval with only $112 or 1/2 of their daily rate being deducted from their pay.
    • *Board Policy G-2600 GCCB, Personal leave will not be granted during the following periods:
      • On the day of an inservice or immediately preceding or following a holiday or vacation
      • During the first two (2) weeks of school or the last two (2) weeks of school unless justified to the Superintendent.
    • The first/last two weeks of school are based upon student days rather than staff contract dates (secretaries, counselors, etc.)
  • Family Leave - one (1) day that may be used in half-hour increments for any family-related absence.  May be used for immediate or non-immediate family.  Must have prior approval from principal. 
  • Professional - granted to employees for absences required due to professional commitments.  Must have prior approval from principal.
  • Absent from Duty and In Charge of Students - approved student trips
  • Jury/Subpoena - may be used when demanded to appear for a deposition or trial that is related to your employment.  Must provide principal and Payroll with copy of subpoena or jury duty paperwork.
  • Community Service - for employees who desire to participate in community (Dexter) functions during normal school hours such as funerals, special programs, etc. without the need of a substitute will be permitted to do so at the discretion of the Superintendent without forfeiture of pay.
  • Victims Domestic Abuse Leave - protected leave of up to 14 days in any calendar year.
  • Emergency Responders Leave
  • Military Leave
  • Annual Leave - applicable to 12-month employees only

Attendance Incentive Program

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