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bilingual education


Our vision for the Bilingual Program at Dexter Consolidated Schools is to graduate every student literate in two languages. Research supports that learning two languages is valuable to students to enrich their language and math skills while in school and also greatly increases student employability upon graduation. Our K-12 Bilingual program offers students the following:
Learning English: If a student is identified as an English Learner based on the district’s language proficiency assessment then we offer English Language Development (ELD) strategies and classes.

Learning Spanish: Our K-12 Bilingual Program offers Spanish Language Arts classes for all students. At the elementary level, students learn Spanish in a Dual Language Program where half the day is spent in a Spanish Language rich classroom environment. In Middle School and High School, Spanish Language Arts is offered to students. These classes build on students' Spanish language skills through a unified curriculum and a Spanish cultural experience.

Learning Content in Spanish: It is critical for EL student success in the academic world that they learn academic concepts in their first language. The vocabulary that a student learns between birth and five years old is critical to build upon in school. Our Bilingual Program offers content instruction in Spanish for Bilingual Program students. At the Elementary School students learn Math, Social Studies and Science in Spanish.

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