Sick Leave Bank

A sick leave bank is established for employees of Dexter Consolidated Schools.  The purpose of the bank is to aid employees who have exhausted regular sick leave and need additional sick leave because of a catastrophic medical condition, serious accident, disability, or a death or life threatening situation within his or her immediate family which renders the employee incapable of working.
Each employee will have the option of joining or rejecting the bank with the first (1st) twenty (20) work days of the school year or the first (1st) twenty (20) days of original date of employment.  Each employee who joins the bank will contribute one day of sick leave at the beginning of each school year or upon employment.  No contribution will be required of continuing members at the beginning of a school year if the number of days in the bank exceeds 200.  When the number of days in the bank falls below fifty (50) during a school year, each member will automatically contribute one additional day to the bank at the first (1st) of the month following the day the bank falls below that.  If an employee has no sick leave available, the additional day(s) due will be given the following contract year.  Days left in the bank at the end of the school year will be carried over to the following school year.
Each contributing employee who exhausts his/her leave and is not able to return to work may apply for up to twenty (2) additional days per year from the bank.  Applications will be considered by a review committee which will take action upon such requests by using specific criteria outlined below.
The review committee will consist of two (2) representatives from each building and the building principal.  Two-thirds (2/3) of members shall constitute a quorum.  The Business Manager of the district will be a non-voting ex-officio member of the committee.
In order to qualify for consideration to receive days from the bank, employees will meet the following criteria:
  • The applicant will be a regular employee of Dexter Schools.
  • The applicant will be an active contributor to the bank.
  • The applicant will have exhausted all of his/her personal, annual, and sick leave.
  • The applicant will be experiencing either a catastrophic medical condition, disability or serious accident rendering him/her incapable of returning to work at the present time.
  • The applicant has a member of his/her immediate family, in a life threatening situation or a death has occurred in immediate family, to include children, grandchildren, spouse, parent or grandparent.

Exclusions to considerations are:

  • drug or alcohol abuse related illness
  • the applicant is covered by Workman's Comp

Employees shall submit a request to the business manager who will remove all identifying information before sending the request to the committee for consideration.

Sick Leave Bank Application

Contact the Business Manager at [email protected] or extension 313


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